Anyone remember MTI Marine Technologies’ Corvette-powered boat and Z06 at Barrett-Jackson during the Scottsdale, Arizona auction? Well, MTI is continuing with their love for building ridiculous speedboats inspired by the Corvette; after all, the iconic sports car has inspired dreams, thieves, and a few songs, so why not custom speedboats? Unlike the previous MTI creation, the ZR-48 (inspired by the ZR1 Corvette) is not powered by a pair of supercharged LS7 engines, but its sheer size and overall bling factor make this beast somewhat of an attention getter.

One random bystander was so awed by this scandalous speedboat, that he felt it necessary to document his reaction for posterity. Please be aware that this video is not safe for work (unless you are a freelancer for online magazine, self employed, or are trying to get fired) due to disproportionate number of four-letter-word based adjectives and excessive consumption of Olde English. With the warning clearly defined, this fellow gives his audience a great view of what 48 feet of ZR1-inspired insanity really looks like and the serious rig required to transport this machine.

According to, the details regarding the ZR-48 are somewhat shrouded in secrecy, but a forum member posted some truly amazing still images.  The interior features a Corvette dash, shifter and loads of carbon fiber; carbon fiber and the distinct ZR1 blue are used throughout the entire boat as well. Other inspired touches include custom emblems, a ZR1 supercharger cover that sits beneath a clear cover on the bow, the Corvette’s signature taillights, and a set of Corvette side mirrors. When watching our forty-drinking tour guide’s video of the ZR-48, viewers are able to see the influence of the Corvette on the hull design. Despite the comparison to the Batmobile by our videographer, the ZR-48 is a creation of MTI Marine Technologies, not Barris Kustom Industries.