MSD’s Atomic EFI Takes The SEMA Top Product Award

When it comes to fueling your ride, as builders and weekend wrenchers, you’ve got a ton to choose from. Whether you’re into adjusting throttle blades or can’t seem to get enough of the latest electronic gadgetry, getting an adequate amount of fuel to supply your mill is the most important. These days, however, most of the aftermarket companies are making hot rodding painfully simple and with MSD leading the pack, its obvious they’ve got a crystal ball.

Our powerTV Team is fresh from the SEMA Show and if you’ve been reading, you’ll know we’ve been slinging live SEMA Show coverage all week, too. Charging the floor, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the MSD booth to get our grubby hands on MSD’s newest fuel injection system, the Atomic EFI; set to dominate the market. Of course, you can read the full scoop on MSD’s system here from the show.

In the meantime, MSD has just announced that their new Atomic EFI system has just swept them the victory for New Product of 2012 for SEMA. Among others, this year, MSD stole the show with big news and big new products coming from the company’s booth.

Perhaps even larger than the splash made by the new strategy of MSD was the announcement of the first product to come out from the reinvented company.

The Atomic EFI caught the eye of nearly everyone that got a glimpse of it. SEMA awarded the Atomic EFI system a New Product of the 2012 in the Off Road / 4-wheel Drive category for its ability to keep rock crawlers moving at any angle. Look for more information on this great new product as the January release approaches.

Along with unveiling a new logo, MSD announced a new, closer partnership with sister company Racepak that will be used to create greater integration between products. This new strategy will be translated to easier, more seamless use for the racers and automotive enthusiasts.

The Atomic EFI’s included handheld LCD asks a few simple questions, like the size of the motor, idle RPM, etc. After that, the car should immediately fire and continuously tune itself with the included wide band O2 sensor. What's more, the handheld still serves as a vital tool and displays any of the sensor’s readings real time!

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