MSD Shows You How to Assemble Universal Spark Plug Wires

If you have a muscle car that has an engine swap under the hood, finding the perfect spark plug wires to fit your Frankenstein ride can be a big challenge. If for instance you have a big block V8 crate engine under the hood of something like a Fox body coupe, the plug wires for the factory Fox or the crate motor may not have the ideal fit. Luckily, for you MSD has a full line of universal wire kits that allow you to cut and crimp the wires to the length you need.

MSD has just posted up a new video that will show you all you need to know to cut and crimp the wires for your car with either type of end connector. Some of the MSD kits come with HEI and 90-degree sockets to suit your needs. You will need a crimp and cut tool to get these wires made to fit your ride and MSD sells that tool too.

It’s impressive in this video to see all the parts inside the spark plug wire. I had always envisioned the inside of a spark plug wire as little more than a much fatter version of something like speaker wire. There is a lot more than a single wire to conduct power that is inside the MSD plug wires. The have multiple layers of material to ensure that they don’t cause interference with any other electronic gear under the hood and that they can survive heat and vibration.

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