MSD Ignition Products, the company so many of you turn to for you ignition system needs, has just redone their logo, but that’s not all. In addition to their ignition components, MSD is launching a new product line that will give you solutions to your performance electronic and integration needs. That’s right, MSD is no longer all about just ignitions!

This comes as great news to automotive enthusiasts. Now, whether you’re looking for parts to keep your daily driver running or the performance equipment to back a powerful dragster, you can look to MSD for more than just your ignition needs. That gives you more choices, better options and the quality you’ve trusted from MSD for the last four decades in products that’ll help your car perform even better.

Along with their new product line, MSD is launching a new logo. More refined, the new logo features the iconic MSD in big bold letters like we know and love, but has done away with “Ignitions” and replaced it with a black and red curve, reminiscent of an open road. Just because the logo no longer features the word ignitions, however, doesn’t mean that the company is cutting down on their ignition components. MSD will still continue to be a lead supplier of performance ignition systems for all types of vehicles.

The official launch of the new product line and logo are not until November 1st, so keep an eye out on MSD’s website and Facebook page for new product releases and company news. We can’t wait to see what MSD has in store for us!