Buying an MSD Product Has Never Been Easier!

MSD Ignition has been selling their multiple spark discharge ignitions for a long time. They have a well-earned reputation as one of the leaders in automotive ignition systems, and pretty much every reputable speed shop and major catalog warehouse has their products in stock. It’s pretty easy to find their merchandise, and now you can buy through MSD’s website!

Now MSD has decided to offer their products directly through their website via Shopatron.  This system will select products across their dealer network and they will ship direct to you.  Additionally, the products can be picked up from local speed shops that have the product you are looking for…at no cost! They’ve added little green “Buy” buttons to all of their products, from their famous (and popular) MSD-6AL ignition boxes to their Blaster Coils. They probably have products listed on their site that you’ve never even heard of before.  Now when you go to research your next MSD product purchase, buying it is now much more easy!

Did you know MSD sells self-exciting alternators, or ignition modules for marine equipment? They also sell their line of Streetfire products through the MSD store too. So go check out their site and see what else you can come across that you might not have known about before.

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