Let’s be honest, setting the ignition timing on your car is not the most glorious project in the world but it’s very important if you want your vehicle to run right. With that being said, you also can’t just set one timing setting and expect your engine to perform optimally in every condition it faces. That’s why MSD offers their Digital E-Curve Distributor. With this handy drop-in component, you can adjust all the timing settings for your car’s needs all with the twist of two rotary dials, giving you better performance at your fingertips.

Most distributors use a centrifugal advance assembly to adjust your engine’s timing for the various conditions it sees, from cranking to wide open throttle. But these assemblies require different springs, weights and even stop bushings to be dialed in correctly. MSD’s Digital E-Curve Distributor does away with all that, giving you a centrifugal advance that can be dialed in by turning two rotary dials.

By turning the dials, you can select from nearly 100 different pre-programmed timing curves to dial your timing in easily and more accurately for your application.

All you have to do is remove the distributor’s cap and rotor, and turn the dials to the curve that matches your application. These curves include slow advance to vacuum advance settings. You can even set an RPM limit using the distributor to help protect your engine from over-rev damage.

There's no more springs or stop bearings to change in this distributor. Now you can adjust your timing with the twist of two rotary dials.

The best part of the MSD Digital E-Curve Distributor is its ease of use. Not only is dialing in your timing easy, the installation of the distributor is also quite simple. Just drop it into your Chevy, small block Ford or small block Chrysler engine, connect it with the three wire connection and you’re ready to roll.


  • Digitally controlled stand-alone distributor with adjustable electronic advance.
  • Set a centrifugal advance and vacuum advance curve electronically.
  • High output ignition module produces a powerful spark for improved performance.
  • Simple three wire connection and you’re ready-to-run
  • Dial-in a rev limit to protect your engine from over-rev damage