When you’re serious about saving weight, virtually everything is on the table, so long as it doesn’t compromise safety or performance. Some things will come from your own innovation, but others need a reliable and quality-driven manufacturer that delivers new ideas.

A partner in the Prestolite Performance family with Mr. Gasket, Accel’s Lightning Cable replaces conventional copper cable in high current applications. The copper clad, aluminum core wire saves up to half the weight of regular cable in the same gauge, yet still carries the current you need to get the job done. Lightning Cable is available in 0/1, 2 and 4-gauge sizes, in 20-foot or 100-foot bulk spools.

Accel also supplies the needed compression fittings, terminals and shrink wrap tubing to fabricate professionally finished high current cables for your race car. Prefabricated 3-foot long ground cables are also available, in either 2 or 4-gauge size.

Both eye-type and top post connectors are available for the wiring as well. These easy-to-use compression fittings and terminals simply twist and screw on. If you do solder your cable connections, these are just as easy to do as pure copper wire.

When you have an inside or trunk-mounted battery, replacing the conventional copper cable with Lightning Cable can add up to some serious weight savings.

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