The Volo Museum has announced an online, no reserve auction of Hollywood cars from its collection, beginning June 8 and running for one week. The only requirement to be a bidder is to have an active eBay account. Located in Volo, Illinois, the museum lies about half way between Chicago and Milwaukee.

That's some serious sideboob there...The Corvette Summer car is just one of twenty vehicles being offered that have seen previous duty in Hollywood’s big screen productions. Some are blockbusters, and others… well, maybe not so much.

Still, if you are a forever fan of Death Race 2000, or Batman Dark Knight, or Indiana Jones, you’ll find something to love. There are also several Fast & Furious vehicles included as well.

One thing to bear in mind, when adding something like this to your driveway collection, is that they are most often sold on a Bill of Sale, meaning that they are not registered for public road use. You should check with the museum on the status of any individual car if you intend to bid.

The Volo Auto Museum has over 300 classic cars on display, all for sale – The Volo Auto Museum is home to the world’s largest muscle car collection and the George Barris TV & Movie Car Collection. The museum also hosts a free cruise-in event every Sunday, beginning May 29th.