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MotorWeek ’91 Reviews The 1991 ZR1 Corvette At Memphis

Since we are in full flash back to the early ‘90s mode lately, we are again delighted by the research efforts of TestDriveJunkie.com and their retrieval of a test drive video of the 1991 ZR-1 Corvette. When the ZR-1 first hit the market Corvette aficionados were impressed by the handling, braking and Porsche-pounding performance offered by General Motors. Thanks to the impressive (by early ’90 standards) 375 horsepower created by the LT5 engine, MotorWeek ’91 and host John Davis decided to put the infamous ZR-1 to the test at the road course at Memphis International Motorsports Park. During the taping session the ZR-1 would be put through a wide array of tests to prove its position as an iconic Ferrari munching, Porsche plummeting, yet refined beast of a car.

Motor Week managed to get a best 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds; of course the discrepancy in the time was based on the 90% humidity in the lovely Memphis, TN area. Despite the humidity and oppressive heat the ’91 ZR1 managed to pull off a 13.8 second quarter-mile time at 106 MPH and slowed from 60-to-0 in just a mere 99 feet.  With these numbers the ZR-1 was destined to be a temptation for valets, but thanks to the “valet key” which cuts out half of the intake ports and drops the power to 230 horsepower, thus keeping the kid handling the keys at the casino from a Ferris Bueller style incident.

Thanks to variety of luxury options and the high performance engine the ZR-1 Corvette is on par with the European supercars of the era, but its budget price tag allows it to edge out the competition. It is hard to think that the ZR-1 was selling for under $60,000 when the modern offering is selling for above $100,000, but twenty-one years does make a considerable difference in price…

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