Mini Ductor Does A Mighty Job With Magnetic Fields

Frozen nuts and bolts can pose a real problem, especially where heat and cold can corrode the pieces together almost weld tight. We’ve all been there, and it’s not pretty. Frozen nuts even sounds painful.  Hammers and chisels or nut splitters were about the best thing out there to solve the problem. Not anymore. The crew over at Induction Innovations have come up with the perfect thermal device to help free those troublesome nuts.

The Mini Ductor II is a flameless heat system that provides thermal expansion that you need to break stuck nuts or bolts. By using magnetic fields to provide the heat, there is no open flame to cause damage to surrounding components or paint.

Watch the video of the Mini Ductor II in Action:

Nothing is more nerve racking than using a torch near a gas tank or your expensive paint job. Worse yet, melting a wire bundle that goes to your ECU or other electrical engine component.

The Mini Ductor II torchless system comes with different sized coils for different sized nuts, the largest in the kit can accommodate inch and a quarter sized nut, with larger size coils available by custom order.

We talked with Mini Ductor’s Media Director, Steven Gough.  According to Gough; “Using magnetic fields is a century old technology.  We are just the first that could manufacture it at a commercial level affordably.  Car makers have been using this technology for years, but their units are as large as a house.  The Mini Ductor II is compact and priced for the do it yourselfer.”

One of the nice things about this flameless torch is the level of safety that it brings into the shop.  Because it relies on magnetic fields, and magnetic only work on metal, the Mini Ductor II only heats up metal.  “If you stuck your finger inside one of the coils when the unit is on, it wouldn’t burn your finger unless you had metal implants,” says Gough.

Inductive Innovations Product Line Up Video:

The Mini Ductor II also has an attachment called “The Mini Pad” which uses the same technology.  The Mini Pad will heat up metal behind a vinyl graphic allowing the graphic to be removed without burning paint or melting the vinyl.

Seeing the Mini Ductor II in action, this is a must have tool in the garage.  The handy tool has been awarded Motor Magzine’s Top 20 Tools for 2010 award, Tech Shop Top 5 Tools of 2010 award and Professional Tool and Equipment New Innovation Award.

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