Midwest Musclecar Challenge 2011 Coming Soon!

An early 2G Camaro leads the pack that includes a classic 911 and a C6 Z06. Images: Popular Hot Rodding

With the pro-touring/g-machine trend in full swing with many of today’s musclecar owners, it’s only natural that events promoting this long-overdue activity sprout up. One of our favorites is the Midwest Musclecar Challenge that only made its introduction just last summer.

The inaugural event was a huge hit, with plenty of exposure and a large number of popular advertisers backing the event, such as Ridetech, Spectre, Flowmaster, along with many others throwing their hats into the ring to help make this one of the largest automotive showcases of man and machine versus the curves of the American landscape.

Musclecars of all makes and generations are able to participate in the event.

While last year’s event was held in May, the organizers of this year challenge have elected to hold the event at the end of summer, during the weekend of September 3rd & 4th which kicks off at Mount Meridian, Indiana’s Putman Raceway Park, perhaps hoping for nicer weather and a better turnout.

Either way, back by popular demand is the 2nd annual Midwest Musclecar Challenge!

The fun begins on Saturday, with the Hot Lap Challenge on the 1.87-mile, 10-turn Putman Park road course. The track activities will carry on throughout the day with 10/10 Motorsports providing instructors to novice participants on how to handle the layout of the track.

According to the press release, they will have one run group for Advanced Drivers of any car type.  Drivers do not have to have a musclecar to register for this group, but they do have to have advanced driving skills and be comfortable in a “Passing Anywhere with No Pointbye” driving situation.  Spots for this group are limited to 20 drivers.

We're still in love with Holley's LS3-powered shop truck. Here it is making easy work of some cones.

Following the track experience, drivers will then take their cars on a 99-mile cruise through the scenic Southern Indiana and Illinois landscape. The road trip will primarily be utilizing two-lane highways and country roads, and will serve as a demonstration of how well these entrant cars work in real life conditions, as well as giving their drivers a chance to relax after a fun, but intense day at the track.

While not as popular as their '68-'70 counterparts, the '71-'74 Chargers offer enthusiasts an excellent platform to build upon.

Sunday morning starts at Mid-American Air Center located in Lawrenceville, Illinois, and according to the event organizers, is the ideal place to pick up the fun where it had been left off the day before.

We believe it, as the Air Center has what seems like an unlimited amount of area to host an autocross event and a speed-stop challenge.

As challenging as the autocross can be, the speed-stop promises to be an exciting event that will test the capabilities of the entries acceleration, braking, and driver’s skill all at once!

At this point, you’re probably wondering where and how you can sign up, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you! Check out the Midwest Musclecar Challenge website by clicking here, and be sure to preregister. For those who do before August 31st, they will save $70 over the $295 cost of admission at the gate on the day of the event. So don’t hesitate, sign up now!

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