Mid-Engined Zora Corvette Spied With Less Camo Than Ever

The Corvette world is on fire right now. The ZR1 has only been out for a few months now and has already demolished several supercar records–most importantly setting the track record at Virgina International Raceway just this week, dethroning the Ford GT in the process. It’s likely headed to the Nurburgring next where it could be capable of a sub-7-minute lap. But in the meantime, more details about the ZR1’s mid-engined younger brother have surfaced and they are pretty exciting, to say the least.

The spy photos, captured by the guys over at Autoblog, show the mid-engined Corvette–likely to be called Zora–in it’s most scantily clad form ever. And while it hasn’t ditched much in the way of camouflage, a few key details have come to light that gives us a better idea of what the final production vehicle will look like. The first and largest detail is the new wheel design.

Previous models have been spotted roaming around on everything from a mismatched set of shoes to a set of wheels that look akin to snowflakes. We don’t know about you, but none of those variants have really struck our fancy until this new set appeared. Clad in black, the new wheels take on the form of an angular, split-spoke design. The spokes taper toward the end giving them a look reminiscent of the “thin spoke” wheels first seen back on the C5 and C6 Corvette. However, a test mule was spotted sporting the standard “snowflake” wheels, so owners may have an option here.

Up front, a sheer grille cover gives us a peek at what the front of the car will look like. The front end obviously looks slightly narrower with larger openings for what must be that car’s coolers and brake ducting, though it’s hard to tell. The new front end is flanked by swept back LED headlights that basically scream “supercar.” The most interesting tidbits gleaned, however, are at the rear of the car.

While the deck lid is still covered in camouflage, we get a good idea of what shape it will ultimately take. We can also see a very narrow rear window and a backup camera molded into the bodywork just above it. The rear of the car is very supercar-esque, with the “flying buttress” style of rear quarters surrounding the rear deck lid. However, what we don’t know is if the Gen VI mill that will likely power GM’s supercar will be visible through the decklid–though we have a sneaking suspicion that it will.

The taillights are clearly LED as well, but don’t seem to take the traditional–at least until C7–round configuration. As this is always one of the largest sticking points in all of Corvette fandom, we’re sure GM is taking special consideration with them, but we hope they go with a nod to the Corvettes of old. One thing is for sure, however, it will look, unlike any Corvette we’ve seen before it. And who knows, this thing could still be a Cadillac.

For more photos, head over to AutoBlog.com to check them out.

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