Ok, we know that when you are building, restoring, or repairing a Corvette weatherstripping is one of the furthest things from your mind. Understandably, you’re more interested in rebuilding your big block or trying to decide what wheels and tires you want to run on your ride. We know that weatherstripping may not be as “sexy” as 427’s and fat rear-tires, but a cascade of water pouring into your Corvette every time you wash it because of your crusty 30 year old seals is a sure-fire way to make your whole interior and trunk unsexy with water stains, mold, and rust. (Well, I guess we should say “rust on the parts that aren’t fiberglass.”)

Luckily our friends at Mid America Motorworks know that Corvettes of every generation need some weatherstripping love, and they are running a 10% off sale on all the weatherstripping products they sell. Need a new seal for your C2 convertible? They’ve got it. Have an annoying leak from your C5’s targa top? Fix it now and save some cash at the same time.

Water leaking all over your new interior and trunk will get old real fast, if it hasn’t already. So check out Mid America Motorworks website and take advantage of this sale before it ends next Thursday, March 29th.