Starting with $500 in borrowed money and working out of the trunk of a car selling Corvette parts and accessories more than 30 years ago, Mike Yager built Mid America Motorworks into the amazing business it is today. Their Corvette “Big Book” catalog is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for Y-body performance or restoration parts, from C1 to C6, but the company is about more than just the hardware – their motto is “Pursue your passion here,” and they mean that literally.

Mid America Motorworks hosts multiple Corvette events every year, and they’ve become popular to the point where they draw participants from all across the North American continent. For those who can’t attend an event in person, there’s the “Your Garage” section of the Mid America website to show off your ‘Vette, a video library, and a High Mileage Club to celebrate Corvette owners who actually, ya know, drive their cars!

Here at Corvette Online, we’re pleased to have Mid America Motorworks as our newest supporter, and we’re looking forward to making the most of their expertise when it comes to doing our own restoration projects.