Meet the Equus Bass 770; A Mashup of Detroit’s Best Early Muscle

Looking at the Equus Bass 770 might hurt your head a little bit due to the fact that it could look a bit Camaro-esque from the rear, a little Challenger/Charger-ish from the front, and very Mustang-y from the side. 

What makes the Equus Bass 770 special is the fact that very little of the car was outsourced from other manufacturers. The only body and interior parts from other sources on the car are the headlights (from the 5th gen Camaro), some switchgear, displays, and HVAC system. The Bass 770 is said to come with a 640 horsepower supercharged V8, and if you were thinking it is an LS of some sort, you’re correct because it is in fact GM’s praised LS9 out of the ZR1 Corvette. Everything else on the car is handmade, from the aluminum chassis, carbon fiber reinforced aluminum body, gauge bezels, and even the door handles. Even the windows are bespoke pieces made by Guardian.

The Equus Bass 770 weighs in at 3,640 pounds and is claimed to have a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds and top out at over 200, which doesn’t seem too far off from the ZR1’s numbers; not that it’s being compared to the ZR1 in particular, but there’s the fact that the Bass 770 weighs nearly the same and uses the same motor and driveline, right down to the Corvette’s dual disc clutch and rear-mounted transaxle. Stopping power for the Bass 770 is provided by huge carbon-ceramic discs front and rear.

For us, it’s cool to see a car like this enter limited production, and not just because it’s fast and looks nice or has a $250,000 price tag (yes, that’s the asking price), but because it is so unique and brings together all of the iconic musclecars of the 60’s and 70’s, while showcasing amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail.

If you happen to see one of these beasts roaming the streets in the near future, consider yourself lucky because only three have been built, and another twenty have started production. And if you thought the Equus badge was a straight rip off Hyundai’s big body Equus, it’s not, but looks very similar! For more information on the car and if you wish to obtain one, check out Equus’s website.



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