McLeod RST and RXT Adapter Ring Diagrams Make Installation Easier

Street legal performance cars today are more powerful than ever before. It would seem that while a decade ago 500 hp made you the big dog in your hometown, today it’s just the starting point.

Many of those that are making these insane power levels are also still rowing their own gears. If you’re rowing those gears, and you’re not driving what would be considered a full-on race car, then you’re probably running something heavy duty in the clutch department.

Left: McLeod's RST street clutch for cars up to 800HP, Right: The RXT street clutch can handle up to 1,000 HP

Enthusiasts have been turning to McLeod Racing for just such a clutch solution in their RST and RXT line. These clutches can handle up to 1,000 hp but still offer a comfortable pedal feel that won’t leave you massaging a charlie horse after a trip through downtown at rush hour.

That being said, there’s been confusion by some installers over the years as to how to install the adapter ring that comes with and is necessary for the use of a RST or RXT clutch. These clutches don’t include a flywheel, though you can purchase one separately.

In an effort to minimize part numbers as well as both development expense (as well as expense to the customer), McLeod engineered just three adapter rings to fit most applications. Each kit includes the proper adapter ring. Orienting and installing these rings can be a frustrating affair. They’re not simply stamped, “Ford 4.6” or “Chevy 6.0”. This can make fitting the ring to the flywheel a puzzling scenario.

Determining the adapter ring orientation is as simple as reading the chart that corresponds with your adapter ring. The diagrams are color coded to match one of the three possible adapter rings that come with the clutch kit depending on application.

McLeod’s adapter ring diagrams which we’ve shown here should shed light on this subject. They’re also making these available online. The diagrams give reference points which when compared to the ring will show installers the exact orientation needed to fit the adapter ring appropriately. The diagrams are color coded and easy to read matching the color of the rings provided with each kit.

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