Oddly enough, the parts that are hidden behind the scenes can be the most important. And that’s exactly the case with clutch throw out bearings, they are mighty important for optimal performance of your vehicle. That’s why McLeod Racing has created a video showing you how to choose the right hydraulic throw out bearing for your setup. Check out the video from McLeod TV above.

McLeod offers hydraulic throw out bearings for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler applications. These bearings come in two different forms- the slip-on bearing that slips right over the front collar of your transmission and the bolt-on bearing that actually replaces the front collar of your transmission. Deciding which bearing will work best for your application comes down to clearance issues and proper fit.

McLeod’s slip-on bearing is self adjusting, so you’ll never have to adjust it as your clutch wears. You can also adjust the slip-on bearing to get the proper mounting clearance.

The bolt-on bearing on the other hand, can not be adjusted for clearance so McLeod offers a number of pistons in different sizes to get the clearance for the bolt-on bearing perfect.

Determining what kind of throw out bearing to use on your vehicle may not be the most exciting part of your build but it is an important step to building a mean street or strip vehicle. For a full list of the throw out bearings McLeod offers, visit McLeodRacing.com.