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McLeod Passes Along Clutch Tech Tips

Most of the time, overkill is barely enough when it comes to picking parts for your car. More boost, more cubes, more brakes – these are all fine and admirable goals. But more clutch? Not always a great idea, especially for street/strip cars where too much of a good thing in the clutch department can turn your commute into one-leg Stairmaster hell. Most everybody knows this, though, and most everyone will try to pick a clutch that gives enough clamping force without too much pedal effort. What they don’t often think about is pedal ratio, which is a key to how your clutch feels.

McLeod has a useful tutorial on pedal ratio – while it mostly applies to hydraulic clutches, cable-operated units obey the same physics, so it’s worth a read regardless of what you’re using to help understand what’s going on between your foot and the firewall. If you’re still in the “too much is almost enough” school of thought when it comes to clutches, you might also enjoy McLeod’s tutorial on how to properly install a twin disc clutch. Either way, you’ll be able to get as much clutch as you need without ending up walking in clockwise circles as a result…


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