A local busybody submitted this photo of the mayor's car parked inside the yellow zone to the Pharos-Tribune.

Those who have lived their whole lives in large urban areas tend to be justifiably jaded about their local government and elected officials. Granted, most of us aren’t affected by Gotham City-level corruption, but still, there’s always an undercurrent of crony politics suspected in every bit of local government business.

We might imagine that small towns are different, with more direct democracy, but a recent story in the Pharos-Tribune shows that even the mayor and police department of Logansport, Indiana can engage in petty squabbles.

It seems that last week, Logansport Mayor Ted Franklin got a $20 parking ticket for having the nose of his yellow C5 Corvette in a “no parking” zone on the street in front of the City Building. Most of us, faced with that situation, would seethe inside but be unable to do anything about it – after all, you can’t fight city hall. Unless, of course, you’re the Mayor…

By Monday, Franklin  had paid the fine, but a large area in the City Building’s parking lot, formerly used to park police cars, was marked with yellow paint (no doubt to match the Vette) and a prominent “MAYOR PARKING ONLY” sign. Per Franklin, “I’m just not going to play that game.”

An interesting side note: Just 10 days into his term, Mayor Franklin sparked the ire of Officer A.J. Rozzi, the police chief under the town’s previous mayor, by refusing to hire Rozzi’s son for an open position on the police force.