Schlessinger and Wood Test New Outlaw 10.5 Z06 Vette

Late last year, we reported via StreetMuscleMag the construction of a brand new 2010 Z06 Corvette intended for competition in the resurgent Outlaw 10.5 category. The car, owned by Ron Schlessinger and driven by Larry Wood, was built at Kenny Doak’s K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies, with construction of the car overseen by noted chassis man Gary Naughton.   The Corvette leaves virtually no stone left unturned, with a carbon fiber body, aluminum front frame rails, and power coming from a monstrous 5-inch bore space, 670 cubic inch Proline bullet with twin Precision turbos gulping air out front. Needless to say, with upwards of 4,000 horses, this thing isn’t starving for ponies by any stretch.

After several months on the jig at K&K taking shape, Schlessinger and Wood finally got their absolutely stunning creation on the racetrack this week with some testing hits at Atco Raceway in New Jersey with Proline’s Steve Petty calling the tuning shots. On the fifth pass down the track, Wood carded a stout 4.38 to the 1/8 mile and drove it out the back door to the tune of a 6.56 at 228 MPH, all in 96 degree heat with a 115 degree track temperature. A later hit netted an even quicker 4.34 at 176 MPH, with a great 1.09 short time.

Schlessinger plans to campaign the car primarily on the East Coast where Outlaw 10.5 racing has seen a return to prominence over the last couple of seasons with events such as the Shakedown at E’Town, where numbers like these seen in early testing should make the much-anticipated annual performance free-for-all even more exciting.

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