Mark Wahlberg on the Set of Transformers 4

transformers4-1For better or worse, Michael Bay has made the Transformers franchise his own, and with the fourth iteration of the series set to debut next summer, we’re all just going to have to get used it. But thankfully the fourth entry in the Transformer saga is bringing about some big changes, and it’s about time if you ask us. Chief among the changes is the addition of Mark Wahlberg in the lead role, replacing the sometimes-whiny Shia Lebouf. We approve.

Transformers 4 is also giving lead CGI actor Bumblebee the Camaro a major makeover as both a futuristic concept and a beat-up ‘67 classic. Carbuzz has some behind-the-scenes video and pictures of Wahlberg on the set in Detroit alongside friends and vehicles new and old.

GM has kept its screen presence big in all three previous movies, and the latest Transformers movie (subtitled “Age of Extinction”) carries on the tradition of having a Chevy-heavy vehicular cast. We’ve already gotten a good look at the new Bumblebee, and we’ve seen a few shots of a riced-out 2014 Corvette as well. Seriously, what’s up with that wing?

The new Transformers movie will also feature some non-American muscle in the form of European supercars, though it looks like the more-pedestrian Chevy Sonic will be getting its fair share of screen time as well. Then there’s this gigantic gun-looking thing that Wahlberg and a few fellow cast members find themselves piloting. We wonder how that will play out on the big screen.

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