Mark Carlyle and his twin turbo Corvette have now taken the IRS record back, again. On their first full pass in testing on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s World Cup Finals at the Maryland International Raceway, the team ripped off a 6.91 at 221!  That’s with a 1.20 60-foot and a 4.62 at 168 in the 1/8th mile. The team did briefly own the IRS record when they ran a 7.09 at the Lingenfelter race at Norwalk several weeks ago. After their 7.09 blast Sal Patel reclaimed his record with a 6.98 pass at MIR. Soon after Sal became the first IRS car in the sixes, Mark became the first LSX-powered Drag Radial car to dip into the sixes at the LSX Shootout with a 6.99 pass.

To make things even more interesting, Sal and his Viper are rumored to be at the race this weekend too. How much fun would it be to see both of these cars lined up against each other on some hits at the track? We have not even started qualifying yet and the IPS Motorsports team has set the bar pretty high. With that much MPH, there might be even quicker times this weekend out of this LSX-powered rocket. The track crew at MIR is known to have teeth a shark would envy and the racers will be more than happy to take advantage of it.