When it comes to the clutch game, Mantic provides some of the highest quality single and multi-disc performance clutches on the market today. Designed, engineered, and made in Australia, Mantic has over 50 years of experience in the industry and are always whipping up new, innovative technology. With a range of models varying from single, twin, and triple disc systems, there are options for track and street applications as well.

- Mantic Clutch Assembly   YouTubeInstalling a clutch yourself is not the easiest of jobs, but in Mantic’s Media section of their website there are five different installation videos that will make your job that much less painful.

With their single and multi-disc clutch kits being so modular and compact, these videos will give you a greater understanding of how every part works and fits together with specific details. From non-specific clutch alignment to slave cylinder bearing replacement, having these videos available at any time is a great option. 

Mantic Clutch Assembly   YouTube2Not everybody has the tools available to them to perform a clutch install, but for the people out there that do, Mantic is thinking about you.

And for our readers out there who have a vehicle with an LS1 or LS2 and are looking to upgrade your clutch system, you might want to check out the main installation video shown above and see just how simple it is to slap a trick Mantic Performance Clutch on your ride.