Man Tries for “Largest Collection of Chevy Memorabilia” World Record

What would you do to set a world record? While some people try to hold their breath for minutes and others try to eat half their body weight in hot dogs, Charlie Mallon is trying to break a world record for doing what he does best- collecting Chevrolet memorabilia. So just how much Chevy stuff does Mallon have? Well according to GM News, over 2,100 items.

Mallon has been collecting Chevrolet items, including drinking glasses, signs, flags, pieces of clothing, and books for about 40 years now. While his collection is made up of many different things, the item Mallon has collected the most of is miniature cars, hundreds of which are miniature Corvettes.

“I appreciate all cars, but there’s something special about the Corvette,” Mallon told GM News. “It’s the look. It’s the sound. It’s the mystique. Everything about the Corvette makes it the American sports car.”

In addition to his miniature Corvettes, Mallon also owns a life-size 2005 Corvette coupe.

The world record that Mallon is going for with his massive collection is for the “Largest Collection of Chevrolet Memorabilia.” On Wednesday, Mallon laid out 2,181 Chevrolet-related items at the Downington West High School in Downington, Pennsylvania for an official count. Several witnesses were on hand, including a public accountant, to document the collection and the official paperwork was submitted for review to the Guinness Book of World Records. Mallon should know if he set the record in a couple weeks.

So what possessed Mallon to try for a world record with his collection? Well, part of it was curiosity and the other part was to “validate my insanity to my wife,” he told GM News. Only time will tell if Mallon’s Chevy collection is the largest one documented, and if it isn’t, we want to know who has more than 2,181 Chevy items stashed away in storage.

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