Man Finds Dream Corvette 50 Years Later in Hometown

sid-5A young child’s formative years are called that because impressions made during these important early years will impact a child for the rest of their lives. Many gearheads get their start young, whether it be because of a family member or friend, or an undeniably cool moment having to do with cars. Many people spend their lives lusting after the cars of their youth.

Cars In Barns brings us this incredible story of Sid C., who spent his life in envy of the 1959 Corvette he first saw as a kid. Well, he found and bought the exact car that started this Corvette lust a little more than 50 years later, and in his hometown to boot.

As the story goes, young Sid begged his mother to take him to the new Chevy dealership to gawk at the new arrival; a white 1959 Corvette with a red interior. Often consider to be among the best-looking ‘Vettes ever made, it was one of the most exotic cars young Sid, who lived in Idaho, had ever seen. But when the dealer let Sid sit in the car, that was when an indelible mark was left on him.

Sid later left the town he called home, but in 2010 he returned for a family reunion. He joined his son-in-law on a trip to a salvage yard, and the yard owner brought him to some barns on the property. Inside the barn was a black ‘59 Corvette with a red interior, which Sid promptly bought. With some research into the car, Sid discovered that this Corvette had originally been painted white… and sold from his hometown’s dealership! This was the exact car he had sat in as a child.

Talk about coming full circle! The Corvette is now up for grabs on eBay, as Sid has decided to part ways with it and let the classic ‘Vette begin a new life and make new connections…


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