Man Convinces Wife to Let Him Buy Z06 with Powerpoint Presentation

Anybody in the business world probably has a few horror stories relating to PowerPoint, the slide-generating program that is the bane of many an office meeting. These days knowing PowerPoint is all but required, and many people do their best to avoid it outside of the workplace. But one man used a convincing PowerPoint slideshow to get the Corvette he really, really wanted.

Roy El-Rayes’ friend posted this PowerPoint project over on the front page of the Internet, Reddit. The presentation consists of 13 slides as to why Roy deserves the Corvette he desires. It definitely convinced us, but would it convince your wife?

Roy, who sprinkles his presentation with pictures of adorable kittens, tries to make both a fiscal and fun case for the Corvette. He points out that he’ll cut his fuel bill in half compared to the Jeep he drives, and that the dealership with the Corvette will give him almost $3,000 more on trade-in than any other dealership.

Then there are a few slides that are just obvious attempts to pander to his wife, such as throwing out a much-hated chair and professing his love for her posterior. Suffice to say, Roy’s wife must have a good sense of humor, because the presentation worked, and Roy got his hands on the Corvette C5 Z06 coupe he was dreaming of. Have you ever used PowerPoint in a creative fashion like this?

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