Mach7 Motorsports brought their Mach 7 Falcon prototype to the North American International Auto Show this year. Autoevolution provided some insight into the 640 horsepower American-made supercar. Mach7 Motorsports is well known for their Viper tuning, but since that car has been off the market for a while now, they devoted time and energy into creating a Corvette-powered ride.

The standard engine offered will be a 500 horsepower LS3; however, the upgraded version will crank out 640 horses. Upgrading from the base model LS3 engine to the optional LS7 or the supercharged LS9 will without a doubt be an expensive option, but it’s only money, right? The body of the car is merely a carbon fiber casing for the GM powerplant; the body was inspired by the design of a fighter jet fuselage. With the hydroformed aluminum chassis the car weighs in at 2,850 pounds.

Combining lightweight car with an LS9 should result in a thrilling driving experience. At this point a set of 20-inch Forgeline wheels wrapped with Michelin tires will bear the brunt of whatever the supercharged LS can dish out.

Although the car is only at prototype at the moment, Mach7 estimates that the Falcon should have a top speed of nearly 200mph and better acceleration than the Viper. With an estimated price of $200,000 for the Falcon, production will obviously be limited. Speculation on the web suggests that the number will be a mere 14 cars per year.