Lunati’s Dual Valve Spring Kit For Your LS Engine

Lunati LS Valve Springs

These were designed for the most aggressive LS camshafts available on the market. -Shane Pochon

The aftermarket for the LS-Series engines have reached such incredible heights, that we honestly can’t think of anything that isn’t made from the aftermarket for these engines. The mainstream parts suppliers continue to keep busy pumping out new parts for an engine platform that essentially has been around for 16 years. Despite the influx of competition, that’s not stopping companies like our friends over at Lunati from continually developing and engineering valvetrain components for our favorite engines!

They sent us all of the the specs over to us, and we gave Lunati’s Shane Pochon a call to tell us a bit more about this new valve spring kit. He tells us, “These were designed for the most aggressive LS camshafts available on the market. Plus, we also make these same kits to accommodate a 11/32 valve stem for the SBC guys.”

Valve Spring Specs:

  • O.D. 1.306 inch
  • I.D. 0.676 inch 
  • Max lift: 0.660 inch 
  • Seat load: 153 lb/in @ 1.810 inch 
  • Open load: 400 @ 1.150 inch 
  • Rate: 379 lb/in 
  • Coil bind: 1.100 inch

For all the strengths of the stock LS family valvetrain, springs aren’t one of them – any prudent engine builder with plans to run more lift, an aggressive cam profile, or higher revs will go for premium, upgraded springs to match, and Lunati’s new kit puts a complete set of matched components together to make parts sourcing simple. Whether you’re talking about a naturally aspirated or boosted combination, the kit’s precision wound, heat-set dual valve springs offer the correct seat and open pressures as well as the travel necessary to handle lift as high as .660 at the valve.

Lunati goes the extra mile by tension-matching each spring set, and supplies CAD-designed, CNC machined steel alloy spring retainers, precision fit spring locators to prevent abrasion on aluminum heads, steel alloy 7-degree valve locks, and Viton steel-reinforced valve stem seals for correct valve stem lubrication and oil control. Both racers and street performance enthusiasts will benefit from the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing Lunati’s LS dual valve spring kit is engineered for the high-stress environment of a hot cam and high revs.

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