LSX Challenge Bradenton 2013 Same Day Coverage


Today kicked off early as rain is in the forecast so we are running things as quickly as possible. There will be some great racing today so stay tuned in for the latest news.

Keep it locked here as we bring you all the excitement and action here on LSXMag!


Andy Essary is qualified third in LSX Drag Radial and we stopped by the pit this morning and talked with Pro Stock John about the car. He runs an LME 427 based on an iron LSX block with twin Precision 76 MM T-4 turbos with a Rossler 2.10 TH 400 backed by a Moser 9 inch housing. Best ET at weight is 7.25 @ 202 MPH though this weekend Andy’s best run is a 7.43 this weekend fighting the weather and a conservative front half. Dan Marks from Speed Inc. fabbed up some new exhaust with “El Toro” bullhorns for the new season. Sponsors for the team are LME (Late Model Engines) Speed Inc., and Midwest Chassis. Eric Vicary flew down this weekend to lend a hand setting up several customers’ cars this weekend and Essary’s team is happy he was able to be here this weekend.

LSX All Motor competitor Judson Massingill and the SAM crew had to take one head off last night to freshen up the valve job. They took is to Fountain Race Engines in Sarasota where two SAM graduates Mike Fountain and Lee Latozke run the shop. Other than that they were just prepping the car for round one this morning.

Jeff Heintz is driving for Terry Faust after he had some vertigo yesterday in the LSX Rumble C class. The combo is an RHS 380 inch engine with an F1-A Procharger with an RPM Transmission auto conversion making about 850 RWHP. In testing the car ran a 9.59 @ 147 but is running 10.0 as the cage is not certified for 9 second ET’s. Terry has been working on the car locally with Heintz Racing for about a year and this marks the first NMCA/LSX event with the car. The team hails from Moresville, North Carolina with Faust living in Concord.

This father and Son Race team are out of Hattiesburg, MS and running the 12 second Index and 13.50 Class. Son, Nicholas Massengale, and his 2001 Camaro has full bolt ons with a 9" rear end and T56. His best pass in this car has been 11.29 and currently holds the fastest LS1 Stock Internal record for the Camaro. Father, Dwayne Massengale, has a 2000 Camaro with full exhaust and LS6 Intake the car has run 13.31. Here Nicholas takes a loss to Rob Farley after a foul start in a G/LSX to F/LSX pairing.

Chet Levay from Clearwater, Florida brough his CTSV out this weekend to compete in E/LSX Rumble and was matched up with Keith Vaughn's 04 GTO from Nashville running HLSX. Levay took the win running an 11.36 @ 107 on the E/LSX 11.00 index.


Jared Hess was paired with fellow member Steve Balusik in the LSX Rumble with Hess getting to leave first running the slower H index. He got an easy win after Basulik went red running an 12.59 on a 12.50 index.


Derek Putnam switched it up this event and ran the LSX Rumble with his daily driven 2000 Firebird. He had a single running a 13.51 on his J/LSX 13.50 index.

Andy Essary and Joe Dedona lwere the first pair out in Drag Radial. Dedona took the advantage on the tree but faltered and slowed to a 14.03 with his Procharged Corvette. Essary put up a 7.37 @ 192 and will face Mike Brown in round two.

Mike Meeks had a lucky round one against Anthony Manna who fouled out but still ran a 7.42 @ 194. Meeks ran a 7.83 @ 174, right in line with his qualifying ET

Robert Strong faced Judson Massingill in round one of All Motor. he did his job on the tree with a .022 light but didn't have enough to stay out front of Massingill's 8.46 @ 162.

Adam Preston and Ron Belcher were paired up in Real Street with Preston laying down an 8.57 @ 159 to ear the round win.


Rodney Massengale had the single in Real Street after qualifying number one. He ran a nice 8.59 @ 158.


THomas Calabrese sent Tim Earle home early in 5th Gen Camaro in a come from behind win with G/CAM 2010 Camaro running a 12.212 @ 106 on a 12.00 index despite his poor .135 reaction time.

BMR's Al Miller was running the shop car in D/CAM this weekend and faced off with Regina Puckett in round one. He was better on the tree but .21 off his 10.50 index at only 100 MPH handing over the win to Puckett.


Final Results

Mike Brown and Michael Meeks met up in the LSX Drag Radial final with Brown having the advantage with a series of low seven second runs and a 7.12 @ 199 in the semi final over Essary. Brown left first and looked to be on a good run while Meeks left soft and shut it down very early. Meeks told me that he forgot to arm the nitrous system before staging the car while doing the winner photos. Brown clicked it early for the go ahead win.

Team SAM vs. Team Baskin in the final of LSX All Motor with both cars locked at the hit with matching .074 reaction times. Down track Greg DeLaney edged ahead just getting to the stripe first by .032 seconds. Delaney's 8.444 @ 160.43 bested Judson Massingill's 8.472 @ 159.23 MPH run.


Thomas Calabrese took home the win in 5th GEN Camaro over Ronnie Hackelton with a 12.102 @ 105.43 on a 12.0 G/CAM index to Hackelton's 10.188 @ 136 who runs C/CAM 10.00 index. Thomas and Shawn Calabrese is a father and son team out of Rochester, NY. since 2007 and have run every LS event with NMCA and the Holley Fest since. This car was built 2 years ago from the showroom floor with a cam and converter change. They have seven event wins with this car since they started racing it.

Derek Putnam waded through 5 rounds of racing in the LSX Rumble to come out the winner over Brian Palcisko. Both racers were in J/LSX making it a heads up final round on a 13.50 index. Palcisko left first but was .650 over allowing Putnam time to get by and jab the brakes to scrub off some ET at the stripe. His 13.602 @ just 96.44 MPH was good for the event win for the Gainesville, Florida resident.


Adam Preston had a go ahead win after Rodney Massengale went .025 red in his 2001 Corvette. Preston is the 2012 Champion and the car is tuned by Adam's brother Issac Preston, they will debut a new engine combo at Commerce in two weeks for the All Star race and plan to switch to a boosted combo for 2014 from the NOS Nitrous system they run now.


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