LSX and Hot Rod Favorites Featured in Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver

What could be more fun than driving a life-sized Hot Wheels car? How about proving your driving abilities behind the wheel of an adult-size toy while conquering some of the toughest race terrain on the planet?  Well, that’s exactly what the Hot Wheels stunt division recently did, putting drivers from four teams behind the wheels of some of the toy company’s craziest car creations, including a lime green 2013 Corvette ZR1, the original rat rod Boneshaker, a glow-in-the-dark 2013 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro SS and Rip Rod- a rock crawler mixed with 1930s hot rod styling. Check out the 22-minute long “World’s Best Drivers” mini film that resulted above, compliments of Yahoo! Autos.


Images: Hot Wheels on Facebook

If you’ve ever wanted to own a life-sized Hot Wheels car, your chances are getting better. Thanks to Chevrolet’s partnership with the Mattel toy company, you can now upgrade your 2013 Camaro with the Hot Wheels Edition package, giving you your very own grownup-sized trinket. But Team Hot Wheels goes far beyond that, introducing the idea of real-world Hot Wheels into every aspect of the adult performance car world.

Stunts like the longest corkscrew jump and record automotive jump are just  a few of the stunts that Team Hot Wheels has pulled off in the past, and even if you’ve seen all the crew’s major stunts in the past, this mini film shot by Mike “Mouse” McCoy will not disappoint.


Along with determining the world’s best driver, the movie features some iconic hot rod and LSX Hot Wheels cars made into real-life performance machines. For the hot rodder crowd, Team Red starts off the film with Boneshaker, a Hot Wheels rat rod complete with a 402 horsepower Chevy V8 and a skull grill. As the competition gets going, however, the team trades in their rat for a hot rod inspired dune buggy named Rip Rod, complete with a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine that gives the 1,100 pound buggy 184 HP and a top speed of 125 MPH, and killer red-tinted windows. Built by Picture Car Warehouse’s Billy Hammon, Rip Rod is one sick dual-function ride.

hot_wheels_worlds_best_driver_video_4On the LSX side, Team Hot Wheels didn’t disappoint. Along with the 2013 ZR1 driven by Team Green at the start of the film, one of the staring players in the ultimate race is the 2013 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro SS featuring a special blue glow-in-the-dark wrap by 3M. The car, which is driven through the end of the challenge by Team Blue, can be seen getting prepared in all its glowing blue greatness in the video below.

You can also see behind-the-scenes material from the making of the World’s Best Driver mini film on the official Hot Wheels YouTube Channel.

Whether you used to collect Hot Wheels cars as a kid or could get behind owning a life-sized version as an adult, the “World’s Best Driver” video is definitely worth a watch. And if this doesn’t put you in the mood to get wrenching on your own custom builds, we don’t know what will!

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