Low-Priced DIY Canadian Supercar Will Use Corvette C4 Components

tomahawk-kit-car-001-1The Canadian auto industry is mostly American automakers with a few factories here or there, selling slightly apologetic versions of the same cars to our northern neighbors. That isn’t to say Canadian individuals haven’t launched a boutique automaker here or there, and the results are always interesting, though rarely game-changing.

tomahawk-kit-car-002-1The latest entrant in the thin Canadian supercar field comes from Dubuc SLC, or Super Light Cars, and their debut model the Tomahawk. Aiming to build a sub-2,000 pound supercar with a $30,000 price tag, Dubuc had to turn to some old school technology to get the job done.

The core of the project is a 300-pound aluminum monocoque combined with a lightweight polymer body with room to fit almost any sort of engine midships. The builders even say that an all-electric drivetrain could be fitted, though we think a nicely-modded LS1 would be affordable and provide plenty of performance in a one-ton car.

When it comes to sourcing suspension bits, the Dubuc Tomahawk will utilize the cutting edge features of the C4 Corvette. The monocoque frame and bodyparts will sell for just under $19,000, while the whole car can be put together for around $30,000, depending on what route you go. If you can find a decent C4 to source parts from, the LT1 motor isn’t a bad option either, and it can make plenty of torque in the right hands. Are you ready to embrace a maple leaf race car?

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