LMR’s Twin-turbo C7 Blows Through The Quarter With A 10.2 @ 140 mph

Late Model Racecraft is always up to something awesome. Last time we checked, they were running 175.5 mph half-mile speeds in their 1,121 hp C7 which is absolutely crazy. Now we see one of their LMR800 twin-turbo C7 Corvettes running low 10s in the quarter.

The pass was nice and clean, although we couldn’t tell if the traction control system was off, if the car had drag radials, or both. We do know that the car is putting 831 hp to the wheels, though. Another variable left out of the equation is nitrous – we’re not sure if the car has a nitrous system or if the car is just all turbos. Either way, their LMR800 package makes some serious horsepower.

10.2 seconds is a great quarter-mile speed, but we think the car is capable of significantly faster times. LMR still has the factory torque converter and the factory 2.73 gears in the rearend. The car is an automatic, which means that it is the Z51 package if it has the 2.73 ratio. Maybe switching up the ratio to a shorter gear set will help improve the quarter-mile times, as well as an aftermarket torque converter – this seems like just the beginning, though.

Who knows, we could see this car running mid to low 9s in a few weeks if that’s where they want to take this particular build. We have to remember that this is a street car and that the gearing will help it out in the quarter, but maybe not around town. There’s a reason why the seven-speed comes factory with a 3.42 gear set, you know. If you’re interested in one of their twin-turbo kits for your C7, check out LMR’s website for more information.


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