As an enthusiast you’re always looking for a way to go faster. Some of us are constantly looking for our next mod, big or small. Others just want to buy something already fast. If you’re a part of the latter, boy have we found the car for you.

Odds are, you’ve probably seen Late Model Racecraft’s C6 floating around the net. With all of the press this thing gets, the voodoo blue coupe is kind of hard to miss. LMR has recently decided to sell the car, claiming that their goals with it have been met. The Vette is listed on eBay at a starting bid of $100,000. At first glance this seems a bit pricey but on a second look you can see just why they have it priced the way that they do. According to the ad, nearly $100,000 went into the twin turbo engine build alone. Through the complete mod list, it can be seen that great pride was put into this build as it includes top of the line everything. Aside from the plethora of performance modifications that the car has, it also has awards and reputation to go with it. Not only has the car proven itself by claiming gold at King of the Streets and the Corvette Challenge, but it also holds a standing mile record of 231 MPH.

We claim that a lot of cars are bad-ass, but this one might truly take the cake as one of the coolest rides on the road. If you buy it, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be the fastest in your peer group as well.