Lingenfelter to Showcase Corvettes at National Corvette Museum

lingenfelterdisplayAnyone who’s ever been fortunate enough to see the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, knows that it’s quite a thrilling experience. Getting to see the entire history of America’s most renowned and popular sports car in one location–right next door to where they’re also manufactured–is nothing if not a bit overwhelming and, dare we say it, almost holy.

Now, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is adding a special exhibit to the museum by allowing visitors to view five historic Corvettes built by the company. Both the Corvette and Lingenfelter are celebrating some important anniversaries this year; the 60th for the car, and the 40th for the company. It’s definitely a milestone event, and something you don’t want to miss out on.

lingenfelterdisplay3First, there’s the yellow 2006 C6 Z06 Corvette Twin Turbo Motor Trend 2007 Shoot Out car. This was Lingenfelter’s fastest C6 Corvette in 2007 with its standing mile pass on street tires, attaining a jaw-dropping 226 MPH.

The Z06 accelerated from 0-200 MPH in just 18.34 seconds on 93 octane gasoline, blazing down the standing mile in only 25.12 seconds. It is one of three of the Corvettes on loan from owner Norm Koerner.

Then you’ve got the yellow ’95 Corvette ZR-1 415 LT5 featured in the August 1998 issue of Road & Track, also on loan from Mr. Koerner. It made its mark on C4 history when Mario Andretti drove it at the Fort Stockton test track and achieved 202 MPH with full exhaust and 218 MPH with open headers.

Not bad for a normally aspirated automobile, wouldn’t you say?


These three Corvettes are on loan from Norm Koerner. Photo: Lingenfelter

The third of Mr. Koerner’s loaned Vettes is another ’95 ZR-1 LT5, this one a red-painted, twin turbo-equipped sleeper with a specially-made 368 beneath the hood. It is one of just four built by the company, and puts out 850 HP thanks to huge turbos and state-of-the-nineties-art engine components. In 2000, John Lingenfelter demonstrated how beastly this vehicle was when he got it up to 153 MPH in under 10 seconds.


These two are part of the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton, Michigan. Photo: Lingenfelter

The silver C5R is a 427 twin turbo 2000 model selected to compete in the 2002 Motor Trend Shoot Out. It could go 0-60 in 1.97 seconds, and made its mark when it was pitted against a US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 jet in a quarter-mile drag race that was featured in Motor Trend. It is one of the two loaned cars that are part of the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton, Michigan.

Finally, we have the red 2006 Corvette that boasts a 750 horsepower hand-built 427 intercooled twin turbocharged engine. Part of the Lingenfelter Commemorative Edition series, the car features a full Lingenfelter C6 body kit, Brembo Brakes, Koni adjustable shocks, and Michelin Pilot Sport tires, among other upgraded parts and components.

Save up your change, find lodging, and get ready to see five of the slickest American sports cars ever crafted. And even in the event that you cannot go, fear not; the museum provides live streaming video of the exhibit at all times, even when it’s closed. Click here to see the cameras for yourself, and click “Skydome” to view the Lingenfelter display.

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