C5 owners have often been disappointed at the fact that limited space under the hood has also meant limited options for supercharging their Corvettes. Well, lament no more C5 owners, because Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Edelbrock have collaborated to develop an E-Force Supercharger kit specifically for C5 Corvettes. Through our contacts at LPE, we got a few photos of the “development” version of the system, which we’re passing along to you here.

This kit will be very similar to the E-Force kit that is currently available for C6 Corvettes, and will feature the very same twin-rotor Eaton TVS 2300 supercharger at its core, as well as all the necessary support components that make for a simple and clean install that can usually be performed over a weekend. The only differences will be a few special components to make the kit fit the C5 chassis. Most notable changes to the C6 E-Force kit will be re-designed brackets, idler puller, new wiring harness adapters, different throttle body, and a revised supercharger coolant tank.

The biggest hurdle that has to be crossed for the C5 is getting everything to fit under the hood. To solve this problem Lingenfelter is developing sub-frame spacers to lower the drive train, and will also be providing a new “supercharger friendly hood” as part of their C5 E-Force kits.

Graham Behan from Lingenfelter tells us that the development of the C5 E-Force kit is progressing well, and it shouldn’t be long until these kits are made available to the public. Graham says, “Prototype parts have been designed and installed, and we now await the production intent parts to complete a design check and installation instructions to bring this kit to market.” So, stay tuned for more info as the kit gets closer to completion.