Lifetime of Birthday Cakes Offered for Return of 1962 Corvette

Celebrities aren’t immune to the greed of criminals like some people would think. “Ace of Cakes” star Duff Goldman found this out first-hand when his prized Corvette was stolen from his brother’s driveway while Goldman was away on business. Goldman, who moved to Los Angeles, California to open his second bakery, Charm City Cakes West, put all the work into this mint Condition 1962 ‘Vette. He is now offering his baking services for life to anyone who returns his car, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Corvette, which is jet-black with a red leather interior, was rebuilt by Goldman over a three-year period. The car was stolen from the Sherman Oaks driveway of Goldman’s brother in Los Angeles, California while Goldman was judging a cake competition in Canada. The car only had 150 miles on the rebuilt engine. To prompt the safe return of his Corvette, Goldman is offering birthday cakes for life to anyone willing to return the vehicle or anyone who has information on where it is.

Goldman told the L.A. Times that he doesn’t think he’ll ever get his car back but hopes whoever has it is enjoying it, saying “ I hope whoever has it loves it as much as I do, drives it as fast as I did and plays the radio as loud as I did.”

We hope that the thief gets what’s coming to him and that Goldman’s Corvette is returned to him in the same condition it was in prior to the crime. Just like many of us would react if our prized car was stolen, Goldman isn’t taking this crime lying down. I think Goldman said it best when he stated, “I really do hope they are having a blast and that I never bump into them,” regarding the thief – a sentiment many of us share. God help the car thief who gets found by the owner and his friends before the police…

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