LG Motorsports Joins the powerTV Family!

powerTV is proud to announce that the late model GM performance experts at LG Motorsports have joined our family of sponsors! LG Motorsports, located in Wylie, Texas was born from the racing experiences of owner Lou Gigilotti. Already an experienced racer, Gigilotti began competing in the Corvette World Challenge Series in 1988, and quickly caught the attention of fellow racers and street enthusiasts alike. It wasn’t long before both camps were asking Gigilotti for parts for their own vehicles. A combination of continued success on the race track, superb fabrication skills, and top notch customer service all ensured LG Motorsports steady growth into the business they are today.

On LG’s website Gigilotti tells us, “Our involvement in racing helps us innovate great street products for the market, and our experience in the extreme environments that racing is conducted in helps us to get it right the first time, which benefits our customers.” One of LG’s mottos is, “We blur the line between racing and street” and you can take pride in the fact that anything you buy from LG Motorsports for your own car has been track torture tested and approved for your Corvette or Camaro, or LG wouldn’t sell it. Most recently, LG began building up a 5th Gen Body-In-White for competition in the World Challenge Series, and they plan to bring numerous new products to the market as a result of this car’s development.

Check out LG Motorsports website, or give them a call at 972-429-1963 to find out more about how LG can help you blur the line between street and racing with your own LS powered beast.

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Clifton has been a car fanatic since his late teens, when he started the restoration of his '67 Camaro. He considers himself a student of automotive science and technology, and particularly loves all things LSX. And, although he has an appreciation for everything, from imports to exotics, his true passion will always be for GM musclecars.
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