So, this creation that Warren Scaife built for his company, XL Stainless, is pretty interesting and it definitely doesn’t cater to everyone’s taste – no car really does, because a car is a form of self expression.

What started out as a 1998 C5 Corvette ended up looking as if GM and Morgan conceived a child in a White Castle restroom – we’re not saying it in a bad way, it’s just a unique way of doing things. For starters, all of the aluminum bodywork on the car is formed by hand, which is quite an achievement and doesn’t look three-quarters bad from the front.  But from the rear, it looks like Sean Connery is going to hop out with the rest of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Take note that those are Mitsubishi Eclipse taillights – very different, indeed. 

Two things that are so right about the car are the engine and interior – the factory LS1 chills under the hood and employs a centrifugal supercharger of some unknown brand. The result is a stout 665 hp and we can’t argue with that – horsepower is always a welcomed unit of measurement in unique builds like this. The interior, however, is pretty snazzy – there is beautiful white leather all over the cabin and is accented by black stitching. The shift knob is cool too because it is black leather with white stitching – we like contrasting colors over here. It also appears that the wheelbase of the C5 chassis has been lengthened for the build, as well.

AutoFocus claims that Scaife is thinking of slapping an XL badge or two somewhere on his creation to help advertise for XL Stainless, but we think we can help him out a little bit – hit up the comments and submit a name (seriously, creative) that you think would fit the car and we’ll send the top five over to him!