Less Expensive Version of C7 Corvette Could Arrive in 2015

Motor Trend is reporting that a "low cost" version of the C7 called the Corvette Coupe could hit the market in 2015.

The Corvette has always had a well-earned reputation as an expensive car. Reputation aside, part of the appeal of Vettes to so many car guys is that they are still attainable and offer fantastic performance. Now it’s looking like the car’s reputation as a performance bargain could be further cemented with a future addition to the C7 line up.   

A recent report by Motor Trend says that Chevrolet has plans to release a less expensive version of the C7 called the “Corvette Coupe” in 2015. The lower cost Corvette won’t carry the Stingray moniker, and will have several differences in styling and powerplants that will set it apart.

The Corvette Coupe will likely be powered by a direct injection 5.3L V8, as well as carry several different styling changes to set it apart from the Stingray.

Long before we got the real info on the C7, rumors were abounding that it would be powered by a 5.3L V8. As it turns out, those rumors might have stemmed from the Corvette Coupe project. The coupe won’t get the 6.2L LT1, but will reportedly be powered by a 5.3L V8 based off the new EcoTec3 engines in the 2013 Silverado and Sierra. The best guestimate is that the engine will produce somewhere just under 400 horsepower.

The Stingray’s MSRP should be just over $50,000, and as MT points out, the Corvette Coupe could bring the entry-level cost point down into the mid to high 40’s. That’s still not exactly “cheap” but undoubtedly open up the market to even more enthusiasts. It all sounds great to us. How about you?

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