Lend Energy Suspension A Helping Hand And Get A Sweet Upgrade

EnergySuspension_2Energy Suspension’s specialty in polyurethane components has been pleasing a varied base of customers for over 25 years. Its in-house manufacturing, R&D, and packaging plant adds to the level of dedication and control that Energy Suspension puts in its products.


A Hyper-Flex system for fifth-generation Camaros.

And right now, the company is looking to have you come by for a special visit. That’s because Energy Suspension is currently holding an open call to owners of certain vehicles to help with its R&D Vehicle Program.

Have a look below and see if you and your vehicle will qualify for this sweet program. In any case, it appears to cover a wide spectrum, from trucks to imports to late-model muscle cars. If your truck or car is on the list and meets the requirements, you could have some new parts installed on your vehicle by the company’s professional staff for free–it’s pretty hard to complain about that.


A Hyper-Flex system for the ’68 Corvette.

To be considered for the free product and installation, owners must meet a few criteria. These include being close to the company’s facility in San Clemente, California; being able to loan the vehicle out for a minimum of two weeks (some vehicles, however, may only need a same-day fitment check).

The vehicle must also be mostly stock, with only a few mild modifications; and you must possess full rights and ownership of said vehicle.

So if you own a 2006 Cadillac CTS, 2013 Corvette, 2009 Ford 6.7L F-250, or any of the other nine eligible makes and models, make sure you get with the right people quickly to get in on this exciting new program. Check out the box below for contact information, and then check out its website and Facebook page for more cool news, events, products, and more from the staff at Energy Suspension.

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