LeMons Corvette Is A Biodiesel-Powered Oddity

Racing is an expensive affair, although there are certain competitions that pride themselves on their accessibility. The 24 Hours of LeMons limits the cost of cars to just $500, and while they make exceptions for safety equipment, you don’t find many new or reliable vehicles on the track. What you do find are some truly oddball race cars with unique themes that really get into the spirit of competitive fun.

Yet this biodiesel-powered C4 Corvette may be among the oddest of the odd. Green Car Reports claims that this car runs a 77-horsepower Olds 350 diesel engine fueled by clean-burning biodiesel… and it’s even for sale.

The Olds 350 diesel engine is among the worst diesel engines ever created, but it is also an easy swap right into a now-classic C4 Corvette. Designed and built by a man known as “Spark”, the biodiesel Corvette can run up to 5 hours on a single fill-up. That’s a good amount of time to be on the track in an endurance event like the 24 Hours of Lemons.

The Cor-vegge, as Spark calls it, is even up for sale after its most recent season. For just $3,500, you can have this turn-key LeMons race car. While that is more than the $500 limit for LeMons Racing, once you take into account all of the included safety equipment, you’re pretty much set up to race and go.

It isn’t everyday that you can buy a diesel-powered Corvette racer. Sure, it only has 77 horsepower, but speed doesn’t matter nearly as much in an endurance race. Sometimes, just finishing is an accomplishment in and of itself. For $3,500, would you get behind the wheel of the Cor-vegge?

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