Imagine the heartache of losing a loved one, then the subsequent battle over a trust fund and a classic Corvette? The Orange County Register reported on the final agreement between family members over a ’63 Corvette and a substantial trust fund. Marty Scalzo’s father stored the Corvette in barn on property kept in trust for a few years to work on the car, and eventually he transferred the title for the ’63 Corvette to his son. When Marty Scalzo went to the property to pickup the Corvette, he was told that the car was not his and that it rightfully belonged to his uncle’s brother-in-law.

After being denied the right to take his own Corvette for a spin, Scalzo sought legal representation. Following the initial trial the jury awarded Scalzo 1.5 million dollars and the Corvette. Besides being a classic, the Corvette was the car his parents drove on their honeymoon, which only increased the sentimental value of the car. More legal wrangling ensued, leaving Scalzo and his attorney, Bill Baker with a choice; face a new trial or settle for a lesser amount. It was determined that the jury was excessive in the award of damages in the sum of $1.5 million; in the end Marty Scalzo received $315,000 and one sentimental family heirloom, the ’63 Corvette.