Launch Your Engine Build With Lunati’s Rotating Assemblies Catalog

Signature series rotating assembly.

For most of us winter is a time when we plan our next big project, whether it’s building a new engine for next season, or freshening up our current mill. Once we get past Christmas, typically the rush is on to get things going in time for the start of spring testing and the summer race season.

Lunati has recently released their catalog of rotating parts that covers just about every engine build that most modern enthusiasts will undertake. This includes small and big block Chevy, LS, small and big block Ford block, and Modular Ford.

Lunati is offering two variations on their rotating assemblies, either the Voodoo line or their Signature Series. Voodoo cranks are constructed using non-twist 4340 steel. Lightening holes can be found in each rod journal to reduce inertia and increase acceleration. The crank journals have been polished and the crank is nitride treated.

Voodoo rotating assembly.

All Voodoo rotating assemblies include:

  • Voodoo Crankshaft
  • Voodoo H-beam connecting rods
  • ICON Forged Pistons, Pins, and Rings
  • King or Clevite bearings
  • Comes fully balanced, ready for installation.

Stepping things up in the catalog is the Signature Series line of crankshafts and rotating assemblies. The Signature series is Lunati’s premium line of components and their Signature series rotating assemblies are designed for major horsepower handling capability.

Signature Series crankshafts are loaded with features. Starting with all the features of the Voodoo crankshafts including a 4340 non-twist steel forging, the Signature Series offers many features that are often only seen on very high-end custom parts.

This includes:

  • Gun-drilling to reduce the crankshaft mass.
  • 0.125-inch main and rod journal fillets to increase strength.
  • Machined counterweights for piston clearance.
  • Fully detailed counterweights that include a contoured wing to reduce windage.
  • Deep pocket oiling for higher connecting rod oil pressure.
  • Shot peened.
  • Deep snout that is fully drilled and tapped, with shallow keyway to increase strength.

Signature Series rotating assemblies come with high end parts to ensure they can handle the high horsepower that racers and enthusiasts demand. Those parts include:

  • Signature Series Crankshaft.
  • Premium I or H-beam rods.
  • Diamond or Mahle Forged Pistons, Pins, and Rings.
  • King or Clevite Bearings.
  • Fully Blanced Ready for installation.

There’s much more to see and learn about in the new Lunati rotating assemblies catalog, so be sure to check it out at Lunati’s web site, and get started planning your next engine build today.

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