Latest Track to Street Episode Details Hard Work of Corvette Crew

When it comes to professional automotive racing, the crews that back the drivers and cars are the true stars. While they may not always get the recognition they deserve, without a proper crew, race teams would not be able to survive. Recently, Chevrolet posted their latest video in the Corvette Racing series, Track to Street, detailing all the responsibilities that the crew has behind the scenes of a professional racecar team.

The Chevrolet race team is a well oiled machine. In the peak of their season, the Corvettes currently sit in second and fourth places. This doesn’t happen by accident. Between drivers and crew members, thousands of hours of work go into the high-quality Corvette Race Team. Thanks to the latest  Track to Street episode, we are able to see just a glimpse of what crew members do to keep the Corvette race team running smoothly.

This episode follows crew members and chiefs from dusk till dawn. While the drivers are off preparing for the race, crew members’ days start early. There are engines to be warmed, tech inspections to be done and pits to prepare. During the race, crew members work to make sure tires are properly inflated and gas tanks are properly filled. Crew chiefs not only coach drivers through long race days; they also direct crew members to make sure everything runs smoothly. Because the Corvette team works so well, discussions and inputs from various members create solutions to problems rather than dictation from crew chiefs. At the end of the night, after drivers have won and spectators have gone home, the crew works late checking cars and loading up trailers.

While it’s not a surprise that a good crew goes a long way in automotive racing, this video brings to light just how much crew members do. The video truly increased my appreciation for all those crew members that work tirelessly behind the scenes so that we as race fans have drivers and cars to cheer on. Our thanks goes out to all the Corvette Race Team crew members for working so hard this season and best of luck goes out to the whole team for the rest of the year.

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