The Corvette Race team prides its self on the influence their cars have on production vehicles, and no other production car shows more of that influence than the 2012 ZR1. In the latest Technology Transfer video from the team, we look at just how the race cars have influenced the latest production beast. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for bringing us the video.

The first technology advance that the new ZR1 got from Corvette Racing is the new PD Performance Package which includes lightweight cup wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. Other advancements that have been filtered down from the race Corvettes to the ZR1 are the Performance Traction Management Control and Magnetic Ride Adjustable Shock technology.

The proof of how the technology transfer is working can be seen in the ZR1’s performance. Achievements like a top speed of 205 MPH at the Nurburgring helping propel the new Corvette to a lap time of under 7 minutes and 20 seconds proves that the technology transfer from race to production car is working, and working well.

Check out the last video in the Technology Transfer series below for an account of the ZR1’s new technology by Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan. We look forward to seeing the new technology at its best in the 2012 ZR1 in the near future.