So far, we’ve seen the interior, exterior, engine and seemingly every little detail of the C7 Corvette, but it’s what’s under all that which truly proves the car to be a high-class, high-performance competitor in the sports car market.

In the latest “2014 Stingray Revealed” video, Executive Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter dives into just that. What makes the next-gen Corvette so special? Well, it all starts with a completely reinvented automobile. Check it out in the video above.

If your mind isn’t already spinning about the upgrades that the 2014 Corvette is bringing to the automotive market later this year, prepare to be impressed. While we’ve seen the specifications lists, interior features, design cues and other tidbits of enthusiast “gold,” it’s not until now that we’ve really gotten a good look at the build process of the next-gen sports car.

Demonstrated with exclusive shots from the factory floor where the 2014 Corvette has begun its production run, enthusiasts and future buyers alike have a lot to look forward to with the new Corvette model. Interesting things to look out for in this video are the exhaust layout, which looks eerily similar to that of the C6 Corvettes, and shots of the drivetrain before it’s married to the rest of the car.

While we’re certainly excited for the C7 to arrive at dealerships, this video just adds to the anticipation. With lots of new footage and information to chew on, this video is by far the most intriguing thing we’ve seen featuring the C7, coming in second only to the car’s initial reveal itself.