2013 definitely went out with a bang after Chevrolet finally started delivering the C7 Corvette Stingray. Many shops and businesses obtained C7s in anticipation of being the first to develop new performance parts and aesthetic pieces for the early-adopting C7 owners.

An up-and-coming shop by the name of Lashway Motorsports is really on their C7 Corvette game, as well as the domestic game in general. One thing in particular that most C7 Vette owners are skeptical about is the rear valence, or bumper cover. It’s truly a love/hate thing with Corvette fans.

In an earlier article, we showed you RPI Designs’ color matched rear valences, available to match all the C7 factory colors. Lashway didn’t one-up RPI Designs, but simply presented another rear bumper option for the C7 in collaboration with G3 Carbon, LLC produced in beloved carbon fiber – what car enthusiast doesn’t like carbon fiber?

Lashway and G3 have also prototyped a fiberglass aero kit (also available in carbon fiber) comprised of sideskirts and a front lip that give the C7 a fierce presence. While the carbon fiber rear valence is nice, there is another version that Lashway is going to offer and it will be dubbed their “race” version. The race version will come with added carbon fiber diffuser fins bonded to the bottom of the valence.

If Lashway Motorsports sounds familiar, they are the shop using Jodar Performance’s MD104 blow-off valve on their prototype turbo kit for the C7. As there is no price listed yet for the carbon fiber valence and the aero kit, check out Lashway Motorsports’s Facebook page or website for information on how to obtain these pieces, and also just for some badass builds in general.