Lashway Motorsports First to Install 100-shot of Nitrous on a C7

It appears that our friends at Nitrous Express have sent the boys over at Lashway Motorsports their first ever 100-shot nitrous injection setup for the 2014 Stingray, and they are making some big power. Nitrous Express definitely didn’t waste any time on this system, releasing it to Lashway Motorsports within a month of the car being available to the general public, an impressive feat. With the C7’s newly designed LT1 motor already making 400-410 horsepower at the rear wheels, the sky is the limit.

With no modifications to the engine or tune, and just the Nitrous Express 100-shot, Lashway motorsports managed to squeeze out 528 horsepower and 547 pound-feet of torque out of the C7’s direct-injected LT1.

Those are impressive numbers considering the car is bone stock. This particular system designed for the C7 is a plate-type setup which features spraybarless technology for ultimate atomization and distribution.

The plate mounts right between the throttle body and intake, making the installation quick and easy. We know this car is new and it would be a real pain if any warranty was voided due to factory parts being modified, but this system is really trick. It features a direct-plug-in fuel line adapter so you don’t have to cut the stock fuel lines. Sweet, right? It gets better. The system is equipped with a TPS auto-learn switch which triggers the system to activate at full throttle and turns off when your foot is backed off of the loud pedal.

The kit comes with a stainless braided nitrous line, master arming switch, relay, relay harness, and everything else needed to complete the installation. Jetting for the kit is available from 35-300 horsepower to the tires (though you’ll want to have some method of pulling timing once you get past 100 or so), so there are a lot of options depending on the application. 

While we’re sure that there will be plenty of power-adder options for the LT1 in years to come, it’s hard to beat the smiles-per-gallon a well-designed nitrous system will give you…



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