L.A. Times Talks With the 2014 Corvette C7 Designer

…we’re really making sure that we put enough distance in between the C-6 and the C-7. That was our goal.

With all the buzz and talk about the 2014 Corvette C7, very little attention has actually been paid to the people who put this next-generation supercar together. It must have been a lot of pressure to handle the responsibility of designing the next Corvette, and the job fell to Kirk Bennion, who has been working at GM for nearly three decades 

The whole interview with Bennion, conducted by the L.A. Times, is very worth reading. But we’ll give you the highlights if you’re not down with some in-depth reading.

Bennion has spent 29 years at GM, and the 52 year-old’s first car was a 1970 Camaro Z-28. While the Camaro was a good start, Bennion managed to get on the Corvette team in the late 1980s two years out of college, and he even got to work with the teams that designed the C4 and C5 Corvettes. So he definitely had the experience necessary to design a winning design.

The conversation discusses many aspects of the Corvette’s design, including the controversial rear taillights, design influences, and of course the Stingray name. We think most of the interview can be boiled down to one statement by Bennion though. “…we’re really making sure that we put enough distance in between the C-6 and the C-7. That was our goal.”

Mission accomplished if you ask us. But is it too much distance to maintain the current audience, while courting new buyers? Read and decide for yourself…

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