Kooks Headers and the C6 Corvette – Check out Zip’s Install

Let’s say you’ve got a C6 Corvette and a modicum of aftermarket parts installation experience, and you’ve been eyeing up that awesome set of Kooks Custom Headers for your ride, but you’re not sure how much work is involved. Well, you’re in luck. Our friends over at Zip Corvette recently did an install on one of these machines for Corvette Magazine, their online how-to book that has install articles on all parts Corvette.

We read through the install, and while it seems like it’s definitely not a one-man job, it’s the sort of thing you can invite your buddies over to help with on a Saturday afternoon, and maybe even Sunday too if you waste too much time crushing empties on the first day.

The first thing we noticed was that they recommended the use of a lift to accomplish the job. Well, we’ve seen it done on the ground, and we’d tend to agree with them – while it can be done using a typical floor jack and jackstands, the struggle comes in trying to get the car high enough up off the ground to fit the headers into the engine bay from underneath the car.

We won’t go into too much detail; we’ll leave you to check out the article yourself if you’re interested in putting these onto your C6. But we will say this – the power and performance you gain by putting a set of Kooks Custom Headers 1 7/8-inch tubes on your ride is well worth the time and investment. According to Zip, you will pick up between 25-30 horsepower at the wheels assuming the engine in your machine is in good condition.

The nice thing about this header kit is that it comes with everything you’ll need to install them – gaskets, bolts, oxygen sensor extensions, and a full set of instructions. There are a couple of things to note during installation, like the different lengths on the sensor extensions, but with a decent set of tools, these are definitely doable in the driveway. Just make sure you plan accordingly – if it’s supposed to rain that night, you might want to hold off for a fair-sky forecast. Check out the writeup over on Zip’s website for more information.

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